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Let us clarify all these questions you might have about our luxury transportation services.

Below you will find some questions about our services. However, if your questions aren't posted below, you can call us directly. It is always a pleasure to help you out to better understand what you can or can't do when you book a party bus or limo service from us. You will see our phone number at the top and bottom of this page, so don't hesitate to reach out and ask all you need to know before booking our transportation services.

  • How do we get charged for overtime?

    We do not charge an overtime fee, you would only pay the hourly rate we previously agreed upon.

  • Are we allowed to smoke on the bus or limo?

    All our buses are smoke free. We would like to keep the upholstery fresh and clean for all our guests.

  • Are we allowed to drink on the bus or limo?

    It would not be a party bus if you couldn't! While we cannot provide you with alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own!

  • I live a little further away, will you still cover me?

    While locations that are more than 50 miles out will cause an additional fuel surcharge, our competitive rates will still make it worth your while to come with us!

  • Do you require a security deposit?

    Yes, a security deposit is required for all bookings. You can give us a call and we'll take that right over the phone!

  • When can we call to make a reservation?

    Whever you're ready to move forward with your booking, give us a call and someone will get you to the right place. We are open all day and night specifically for your convenience.

  • Do you have any limitations on events you will cover?

    Absolutely not. We are here to adapt our transportation to any event you might have in mind.

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